Back in the New York Groove - Part 3

Back in the New York groove part 3

Chelsea Market.  Packed with tourists and normals on the weekend.

oh look its Jinyen and Chris' Chalk Board Tee section

Jonathan Levine Gallery

Lots of galleries also in the same building 529 W 20th St

an elevator man's domain

at the cafe "Tartine" they give you the pain au chocolat on a huge plate with a fork and knife.  What are they thinking?

Halloween this year was this.  Come on I was homeless.  I promise I'll do better next year.

They actually started manufacturing sketchbooks in this size!  I have been sawing off 2.5 inches of my sketchbook to get this ratio and now someone has done it.  Oh joy.

found this random arcade in chinatown on halloween.  It's on mott street across from wo hop kind of.  Its not on google maps street view so its new and I don't know if it will still be there if you go but for now they have ski ball and lots of racing games and a mix of local chinese and non chinese peeps

dance dance revolution horse

More halloween parties.  Exclusive party, some place next to burnside.  Apparently in brooklyn this brass band goes into a lot of bars and rocks out for a bit and bounces out.  They marched in while we were there

at Wing Shoon on the corner of essex and east broadway.  It's a Chinese restaurant and they have this huge "painting" of a ship with shiny sequins on it.  but upon further inspection I see it's name is Kaiwo Maru.  Japanese ships always end the names of their ships "maru" meaning circle, meaning the ship will always return back to safety.  According to wikipedia the Kaiwo Maru is owned by the Japanese government and was launched in 1989 and still operational.  I find this funny because the Chinese are supposed to hate the Japanese and either this restaurant was sold a lemon, or they didn't notice, or the actual manufacturer of this painting didn't notice, or all parties have no taste (obvs), or no one cares, or a little of all of the above.  Anyway Chinese restaurant, keep displaying your Japanese ship painting proudly in the main dining room, it would be the Chinese thing to do.

on the way to the free Ikea ferry

south street sea port

On the free ikea ferry.  Seriously

from the ikea restaurant.  Ikea is in red hook brooklyn with a view of the financial district of manhattan

a place with no name on Kent Avenue in williamsburg, it's a social club and they have cool live music

my new digs at 156 hope street in Williamsburg Brooklyn off the Lorimer L train stop.  New building with elevator and gym in the basement.  It's a 3 bedroom apt, I live with Kat and Tae from the illustration community.

These huge windows in my room are both awesome and not awesome.  They get awesome sunlight from like 10am to 3pm but if I have to work on the computer even with the curtains closed it is kind of too bright.  Just get better curtains, yes I know that A-hole.

set the desk up in front of the window.  My guilty pleasure is looking at people's apartments at night, but isn't it everyone's?