Jason Pan's Tights Get A Little Too Tight

As I wrote in the last post Jason Pan's tights got a little too tight and he returned to roost back in New York.  After 5 years on the road I realized you can't be Peter Pan forever.  The adventures will continue in New York, just at a much less frequent pace because lets face it, I'm from America and have lived in New York for so long that I am jaded and don't find life here as eye opening and new as it was when I was moving to a new country every year.  That's just the way it goes I suppose.  The good news is I will be able to focus more time on my artwork and career because I won't be spending as much time exploring a new city by foot or bike and taking photos all the time and partying all the time and making new friends and eating new things and experiencing new things every day.  Sounds like the life right?  Try it for 5 years and your tights will start to get a little tight in the thighs too, mr/ms potential Peter Pan.

Continuing French things.  Using that Opinel folding knife I got at the market in Paris.  I have searched for the best Baguette in New York and have failed to find one that come even remotely close to what they have in France.  I have heard many theories including the water is just different here.  I suppose it doesn't help that the bread is only baked once a day in the morning here as opposed to twice daily in Paris.

playing my Peter Pan flute.

Pool at Fat Cat, and then some Jazz

Chicken and waffles at good old Amy Ruth's.  A liter of gross wine

Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Outside Jonathan Bartlett's studio in Greenpoint.  Time to visit some illustrators and be part of the illustration community for real in person instead of just online and oceans apart.

view from his studio window.  Pas mal

Jonathan Bartlett in his studio.  What a nice F'ing guy.  Although he looks maniacal here.  Who's he gonna choke with that USB cable?

some of this stuff

James Bascara's studio in Bushwick

Chi Birmingham in his studio, they call it "Brushwick Studios".

Ok New York, more NY posts coming at you soon.  I wish I could look at New York the way my friend's from other countries look at New York.  Everyone wants to live in New York and think everything is amazing here.  That's how it felt when I lived outside of America but I don't think that feeling can return but I can delve into other aspects of life here and embark on different types of adventures.  Fellow New Yorkers, if you are feeling down and wishing you lived somewhere else, just remember that everyone else in the world wants to live here.