Return to Rome - Part 1

Back in Rome with Jen for Virginia and Chris's wedding.  Life could be worse.

Trattoria Da Teo in Trastevere

The food was just OK.  Life could be worse.

some tasty pizza at some random place in Trastevere.  this type of moretti beer we got was tasty too because usually normal moretti is just like drinking heineken or something.

somewhere in the Piazza Navona area of old Rome.

we stumbled upon Bar del Fico and I looked it up and it turns out to be a super cool hot spot at night.  Like a lot of places in Rome it's ruled by old people smoking and drinking coffee in the day time and then turns into a hoppin' bar at night.

Chess players at Bar del Fico

sant andrea della valle

inside the Pantheon again

no wearing your pajamas and just straight out lounging about in the Pantheon

Basilica di Santa Maria Sopra Minerva

Contemplation points

We stayed and Calisto 6 Bed and Breakfast.  the bar below it is as I described above, ruled by old grandmas smoking and drinking coffee in the daytime but come nighttime it turns into this.  What a nightmare, luckily it was so hot in Rome we had the AC unit on the whole time so you couldn't really hear the Roman party below.  Also I haven't seen this much butt cleavage in my life (short shorts, bottom of arse showing prominently).  I mean I'm a dude so bring it on but it's just not what I was expecting from Rome.

Cacio e Pepe at Roma Sparita in Trastevere.  Jen said this one was better than the one at Al Bric, I beg to differ especially since the one we ate at Al Bric this time around was made with Bucatini noodles instead of spaghetti like it is supposed to be like when I had it with Bob.  This did have an awesome cheese bowl container around it.  Life could be worse.