Jen in Paris - Part 1

Jen was my last visitor in Paris so she got the benefits and all my knowledge of a year in Paris, a year filled with many visitors and showing people around.  At this point I had most of the kinks worked out so we had a magnifique time.

a lot of chablis was consumed on this trip. 

Sacre Coeur seen from Rosa Bonheur in Parc Butte Chaumont in Belleville.

The People's Drugstore in Pigalle is a new place that sells tons of kinds of beer for only 3 euros a bottle.  That is very cheap for Paris since beer costs twice as much as wine usually.  It is in the same building as my friend's apartment so we called him down.  I'm sure there are a bunch of people in this area that hate this place because people buy beer and then sit on the sidewalk and surrounding areas

French beer does exist but it's rare.

not too thrilled about the ones we tried

I like how they have this chart of your excretory parts in the bathroom ideally making you contemplate what all that beer is doing to you. 

the bathroom is accessible by going down this dangerous set of stairs. I don't even know if it's for everyone.

the Paris skies always have to be so Dramatic.  Rooftops at Place des Vosges

vintage packs of photos at the photo store in Marche des Enfants Rouges

I read somewhere that the Swiss only have the right to the name Emmenthal Swiss and that you can make Emmenthal as long as you don't call it Emmenthal Swiss, like this Emmenthal Francais.  It's called Swiss cheese in America but the kind in America is not as good.  It's also the basic cheese that the french use because it's cheaper than Gruyere (which I prefer much more, Emmenthal is not a strong cheese at all, which I prefer). 

Chantrelles aka Girolles in France. 

not a bad spread at all for a picnic on the Champs du Mars directly in front of the eiffel tower.  It's all from the market by my house.  The saying of the day was "Non, Merci" because there were roving bands of 3-4 gypsies walking around asking everyone to sign their paper for something and attempting to steal stuff.  They were getting ballsy and by the end of the picnic were getting down to our level on the ground in order to get closer to our bags.  We had our hands on our stuff as soon as we saw this but i'm sure they got someone's stuff this day

Our friends Melissa and Cory have their own line of silk clothing called Petiole and give Jen stuff to wear so we had to take a few photos.  "Petiole can be worn all day, everyday – tees, tanks, camis, blouses, shorts, underpinnings, rompers and day gowns – all reinvented in silk and can be worn solo, layered, or with your existing wardrobe."

riding past the Louvre.  Lookin' good 

i've been to Canal St. Martin so many time and ever knew this bridge moved.  This day it rotated over somehow to let a boat up the lock.  It is a feat of engineering because i can't see how there was even enough room to make this happen.

so elegant, so effortless


might be margret de canard with corn silk and maybe heirloom vegetables Le verre volé

shard and chicken or pork meatballs at Le verre volé

Droit de Bouchon = corkage fee


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