Ai in Paris - Part 2

Part 2 of Ai in Paris

that passage off of Rue de Charonne again.

bathroom sink at Cafe Pause on Rue de Charonne

at the petanque courts at the Luxembourg gardens they even have coat racks.

Saint Félicien super soft cheese, fois gras and rosé picnic in the Luxembourg Gardens.

Moroccan food at the Marche des Enfants Rouges


Kefta Tagine

at Grazie, owned by the cousins or something of the owners of Merci down the street.

the Jardin de Meme at Candelaria is amazing.  It's absinthe, st germain, egg white, basil

Mishal from Sri Lanka.  They went to school together in Sri Lanka and now Mishal lives down the street from me.  These international school kids and their stories.

Mish is scared of birds so the super friendly black swans at Parc Montsouris really freak her out.

Hotel du Nord, the old fail safe place to eat in Canal St. Martin

at Cafe Le Select

Hot Chocolate.  Well Ai, great to see you again in another country.  See you in New York soon.  A bientot Ai!

Kaz gets a bath

don't look at me like that, you had it coming.