Ai in Paris - Part 1

Ai, my old time pal for like 12 years came to visit from Tokyo.  She visited me in Beijing and we lived in Tokyo at the same time and lived on the same street in New York.

So like all the visitors that have come, its get off the plane, get some bikes,and go party time.

60s avant garde video projection at Wanderlust.  In a fantasy world all women in Paris would be dressed like this. 

the rabbit pen at Wanderlust.  If there is anyone that hates electro/techno music more than me it's probably these guys.  Poor lil' guys ears are made to absorb night after night of this Euro music.

Sunday market by my house.  These guys had crazy varieties of tomatoes.

will miss Chez Gladines and their huge portions.  The street artist, Miss.Tic is a 57 year old woman.

Butte Aux Cailles area off of Rue des Cinq Diamants

time to enjoy the spoils from the market with Kaz the golden doodle

wrapper has the cheese map of France.  Where's St. Felicien?

Bal Barges swing dance portion along canal Ourq.

crepes at Lulu by canal St. martin.  They're ok but the best i've had are still at West Country Gal

They finally put in this bike lane paint leading up to my street so cars and police can stop wagging their finger at me when i'm riding down the street at them.

Parc Montsouris after a run

natural spring water near Butte Aux Cailles

an Ile Flotant, which is a dessert of Merenge floating on top of creme Anglais.

will miss readily available Lardons

another spinach, lardons, grueyre quiche