Kumon in Paris

Chika Kumon came to Paris.  Yes her name is Chika.  She is a jolly lil' fella that very much wants to have fun and do things outside of the confines of Japanese rules but at the same time is very Japanese which holds her back.  Every Japanese person that has come to visit me displays this.  I suppose if they truely let it all go they would cease to exist and spontaneously combust or something.

in front of Jackets in Haut Marais.  Same owners as Le Pompon which is opening in a new location in Pigalle soon.

we both drank quite a bit.  At the end Kumon was begging to go home.  I wish the second photo was in focus so I could make this into a GIF.  It makes me laugh so hard every time I see this.  hahahahhahah

in the little rotonda by my house

the next day I had quite a headache and Kumon asked if I wanted a "Ba-fu-a-lin".  A Buffarin, amazing what english gets absorbed into Japanese.

more petanque along canal ourq of course

Point Ephemere a hipster cafe on canal st martin

I saw Clara sitting at Bar Ourq with THAT hair.  I love that hair.  I had to draw her for my Parisians project which is done I just have to post it up.  I talked to her and got her story, she's quite a bohemian. 

Railing along Canal St. Martin

I would love to! (share a coca cola with Juliette)

Bike crew at the newly renovated Place de la Républic

Looks like good summer fun at Place de la Républic.  Love that regal Lion too.

Don't know what's on at Les Arts Décoratifs but the poster looks cool.  Les Arts Décoratifs is one of the most underrated museums in Paris and goes unnoticed by everyone even though its part of the Louvre and right there in front of millions of peoples' faces. 

Passage de Lancre, another passage to explore someday.  There's a bunch in Paris that are perfect for rainy days.

Chun Li and Cammy from Capcom's Street Fighter video game series making out in pixel mosaic street art.

Rue Tiquetonne had a ton of cool shops and cool people that needs to be explored some day.

kind of sad "playground" at the Royal Palace.  0 sand castles are going to be built today kid, that is hardly sand.  Too bad your mom didn't take you to one of the numerous numerous parks with grass.  This reminds me of the ultra sad playgrounds in Japan where there literally is no grass and only dirt.

This is a common problem with the Velib system.  There is often one pedal broken off.  I suspect it is done by the youths of Paris at night, especially at my velib station where at any given time there could be up to 8 of the bikes damaged beyond being ridable by hoodlums

I'm down with this cabbage ceramic bowl

Is it August 1944?  I wish it was, then every French female would be in love with me.  Oh no they wouldn't they would think I'm a Japanese POW or something and spit on me.

Kumon didn't know what the smurfs were, even after I showed her a photo.  There was no way she was gonna know what Les Schtroumpfs 2 en 3D was.  Then she went back to Tokyo.  end of story.