A Few Days in Summer

A few days in Summer between Japanese visitors.

The Fam is not here so I have been trying out a bunch of different creme heavy French dishes like this Champignons de Paris, Lardons, and Blue d'Avergne quiche.

tomato, blue d'avernge, montbeliard sausage, champingons de Paris grilled Tartines

Editing photos in Parc Montsouris with the black swans.

There are tons of these outside at night.  Fill in your own French stereotype here.

Baguettes in France are a sacred thing.  There are laws about them.  A regular plain baguette called just "baguette" is supposed to be a certain weight and cost 95 cents and every bakery has to have this.  After that they can make whatever they want which is where things get interesting.  This one is called a "Flute Gana"  it's heavier and costs more because they can charge whatever they want for it.  This one is less common.

This one is called a "Tradition"  it's heavier, made with darker flour and costs more because they can charge whatever they want for it.  Most places have this one as well.

Dominika from Poland.  She's a graphic designer here.

Lori from Hawaii, my first Paris friend

Dominika's brother Majek

yes please please stop

Gratin Dauphinois, recipes call for up to 750ml of cream!!!!!!

750 ml of cream is too much cream even for me.  At this point i've used up all the cream i've inherited and am pretty done with cream for a while.  Just kidding.  I'll be back for more.

Finally found the "beautiful" stamps at the paris post office. And they're illustrated too! By Swiss illustrator Emmanuelle Houdart