#MERALD - Chinese Banquet

Gerald and Melissa are both from Chinese, Cantonese speaking families so they had a Chinese wedding banquet in Flushing at Mudan Banquet Hall on Friday.  I was hoping it was going to be ridiculously traditional but it was only about half way.  If you've never been to one here's your chance, let's jump in.

the Olson sisters preppin'

Cori on the 7 train

how does Naveen always have at least 75% more sparkles in her eyes than normal people? 

This is where it all goes down.

the tea ceremony where they drink tea and except hong bao, red envelopes with money in them.  They also recieve gifts too.  Mel got like all these gold braclets and was looking like wonder woman.  Apparently you don't really wear them they are just good to have because gold is gold.

Open bar again.  We all know what this means at this time.

Wedding speeches

Roast pork

Naveen loves roast pork and all pork related products


the aunts gettin' down

Back over at the table Naveen's first taste of shark's fin soup happened.  didn't go over so well.

no sandra! that is not very chinese style dancing

I guess it's like most wedding receptions where everyone's families watch the few dancing

aw these girls

the next day I had to catch the bus upstate to my parents house quick!  I ran in boiling hot weather to james chang's house to get my stuff, stripped off my suit but left the socks.  Still was about 8 hours late to my parents house.

tried to eat some of this food from the banquet that they insisted we all take home and couldn't do it.  couldn't sit in port authority and gnaw on meat cleaved sides of pork and whatever else.  So the #MERALD banquet was a blast.  tons of dancing happened and tons of alcohol was consumed.  I hope Mel and Gerald compiled a lot of "gold".  See ya'll in Canisteo, New York.