Île Saint-Germain

I've seen Île Saint-Germain on the map and always wanted to check it out.  Well Martin and I have checked it out for you so you never have to.  There is no reason to go to this island ever unless you are going to "L'Ile" the restaurant in the park that is supposed to be very nice and on the expensive side.  And there is no reason to ever go to that restaurant unless you have a car or highway capable scooter because its not easily accessible by train and to get to this island I had to ride my bike on the highway twice!  This might have a more negative tone because it was a balls hot summer day that day.

This island is in the Seine but not in Paris.  There are two islands in the Seine within Paris, Ile de la Cité and Ile St Louis.

one half is residential and the other half a park.  Ile Seguin is downstream from it.

There are some interesting structures

a Citroen "Duck"

Ile Seguin.  There is a former Renault factory on it.  That's about it. 

another Citroen "Duck"

Tour aux Figures
(Tower of Figures) painting by Jean Dubuffet.

Paris Plages.  Artificial beaches made along the Seine for the last 10 years in Paris.  Topless sunbathing not permitted, swimming in the Seine not permitted.  Sounds like you get the worst parts of going to the beach and none of the good.