Granada Day and Night

Granada is in the Andalusia region.  It's famous for its free tapas culture.  You buy a little caña beer and they give you a plate of tapas.  Its usually like 1.50 euro and you can keep going around and doing this all day and night if you wanted.  its a pretty sweet deal.

gazpacho is from the Andalusia region

leading up to Alhambra there are all these tiny alleyways and if you adventure into them you will be rewarded with the Spain of your dreams.

I guess this is all the Albayzin neighborhood, the ancient Moorish quarter.

white washed houses and narrow streets.  this is the spain i've been looking for.

Imagine if your address was here?

an endless maze of quaint tiny plazas with the occasional fountain.

you could spend a day exploring, we spent half.  Also you need some proper shoes because there are tons of cobbles stones.  They're not even cobble stones, they're like razor stone that are planted in the cement in the most painful angle possible for your feet.

Night fell and Bob and I were on a tapas mission.  We found and tried a bunch of touristy places but it wasn't it yet.  We finally stumbled upon this place just as we were about to give up (it was unseasonably cold and rainy).  La Taberna.  it was a young crowd and seemed the most local of all places we had seen, its also kind of hidden out of the way.

we struck out to find another place, but as we were leaving someone told us there would be live music later so we kept that in mind.  we found this place, Bar Soria, run by one guy who loved the band Journey soooooo much it was all he was playing.

so we went back to the other place and much to my surprise it was a jazz band lead by a clarinetist!!!  I love me some jazz clarinet and this guy had chops.  the backup music was Django Reinhart like which i also love.  They were really swinging!  what a night.

this was hanging around so i sketched them

sorry bob

we ended up meeting everyone including one of the Italian guitar players

Its nights of magic in Granada like these that you dream of.  Not pictured: the hours we spent wandering Alhambra in the day, but that will be the next post.  This was one of those days where we did a ton.