Bob Madrid - Part 2 (written by bob photos half and half)

Entry way into Marco's apartment. I was actually surprised that it was open air. You get buzzed in and then you are still outside.
I am not going to say much that this sign does not say, but apparently this is an "adult theater" where the owner hand writes these signs every day.
Cool market that took an entire neighborhood called El Rastro. It was huge. There were entire streets that only sold certain things... there was a fabric section, a antique section... Super cool market

Spainards drink these little beers. They are super cheap, but it is hard to drink them like a Spainard. As an American I just kind of chug them and then they are gone and Marco still has over half of his. I don't even drink much and I am not really a "chugger"... or maybe I am... maybe I am just a stupid American that drinks like a 20 year old frat boy.

Delicious open face sandwich called Tostas. Notice the tomato smear on the bread.
Delicious fried food. Super salty. Those little fish were super salty. I loved eating them, but I am not sure if they were worth the work.

Apparently you can judge places by the number of napkins on the floor. The more napkins on the floor the better. This place definitely passes this test.

So there was this abandoned pit where there is just a party all the time. There was some vendors selling stuff and kids playing football (soccer for us dumb Americans). We came back later at night and there was a full out party with a DJ and people singing karaoke. People dancing, drinking and having fun.

Seedbombs. I have never heard of this, but you can take these balls and throw them places. There are seeds in them so you can plant flowers and stuff wherever you throw them. I guess this is called guerrilla gardening and I love this idea. 

Jason knows stuff about art and apparently this is good. This is at the modern art museum called Museo Reina Sofia and it was pretty sweet. I got to see Guernica by Picasso and it really is impressive. It is hard to describe and pictures do not do it justice at all.
Line for a Dali exhibit that we did not have the energy or money for. We were walking this entire day and by the end of the day my feet were killing me. 
My feet were ready to explode, but we still had to walk for hours.
Super cool movie theater with blue tile everywhere. I love theaters where you can sit down and get drinks before and after the movie. 
Super cool topical graffiti. 
This place was super awesome. It had a bunch gypsies hanging out at the back table. Someone had a guitar and they were just singing and dancing. It was AMAZING!!! We did not get any good pictures while we were there, but it was just up the street from Marco's. I would be stopping by every night if I lived there.
Marco's apartment... super nice. He bought and redid the whole apartment. I love the rough wood beams.
Some famous square that I was too tired to really enjoy. This is a theme throughout the trip. I was tired a lot, but I really did enjoy everything and it was amazing.

This sandwich is super simple and super delicious. It is just calamari on bread. SO GOOD!!
I LOVE OLIVES!!! Spain had the best olives. I thought they were better than in Italy, but look at all of those beautiful olives. Also I do not think that the girl in red pants thought I was taking a picture of her butt... I was not, but she gave me a look.
This is one ugly fish. Notice the sign asking for "tips" for taking a picture. I did not leave a tip.
Best churros in Madrid. As you can see it is packed with a line out the door. 
Chocolate in cups to dip churros in... this maybe a bad idea for the Raish brothers.

So I am not sure if we were just supposed to drink the chocolate when the churros were gone, but we did. It was some super good chocolate.
Jason keeps talking about how the light was hitting the building and the contrast between the clouds and stuff so he made me take this picture. I have no idea what he is talking about. I like this picture. It is nice, but ... I don't know... it is just nice.

These two pictures were part of a 20 minute lesson on how to use his super complicated camera. I would like to think I am a smart guy, but I don't really understand what is talking about a lot of the time.

I think the camera is so good that it really just makes everything look super good.
Cool palm trees. It was kind of chilly in Spain the entire time so it seemed weird to see palm trees. (also take note of dog sniffing other dog... giggle giggle...)
Beautiful view of Madrid from this park.
Apparently this is an Egyptian tomb that they moved every stone over and built again here.
I was super happy with this picture for some reason. I still like it, but I remember being super excited about it when I took it. 

Hey I am a dog. I am super cute. Look how big my eyes are. The Raish brothers came to my mom's house and pooped here. I was not happy about it.
Happy accident catching the reflection of the TV. Jason loves how stuff grows on the roofs here. Plus these tile roofs are super cool.
Does he look happy that Jason is in his life?
I am not sure why this vacuum was here, but rocking out with it.
This is one of Marco's friend's dog and he was a little jumpy... and by a little jumpy I mean it would not SHUT UP!!!. It was kind of annoying, but I guess it is normally a sweet dog.
Here we are back in the pit for a night party. It really seems like you could just go to this pit at anytime and there would be something going on there.

These pictures don't really capture all of the energy, but there was just this great energy here and I was loving it.
And that was our Madrid trip and now on to Granada.. Check back for Granada, Seville and places beyond.


justine rehan said...

Check back bingo online for Granada, Seville and places beyond.

justine rehan said...

There were entire streets that only sold certain things... there was a fabric section, a antique section... Super cool market.
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Anonymous said...

Madrid is now on my list. And that Porn theatre with the hand lettered signs, brilliant, made my day. I like the teamwork too. Please let Bob do more commentary.

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