Bob Madrid - Part 1 (Photographed by Bob)

After a couple of days in Paris it was off to Madrid to see Marco and begin the two week binge of amazing food and priceless experiences.
First prep... making sure we knew how to get to and from each city.
Am I excited?
We had to fly Ryanair which is a budget airline. The flights were super cheap, but that meant we had to go to a bus station on the other side of Paris and then spend an hour on a bus to even get to the airport tiny airport that they use... but there was this nice park near the bus station in Paris. It did not help make the experience any better.
Yippee!! Madrid. This was the street where our good friend Marco lives. 
This sandwich was insane(zappatilla). Super simple, but literally the size of my head. We ordered a full sandwich and it feed 3 of us for two meals.

That is an excited Bob!
Round two with that wonderful sandwich.

Chinese school girls cheering on some boys playing basketball. There was this pretty intense game going on right outside of Marco's window, while we were trying to sleep.
This is what the Raish brothers look like if we do not get our beauty sleep. Take it all in ladies. The Raish brothers are coming for you.

In Spanish Chino means a Chinese person, but the use it to describe any Asian. 
As I have mentioned before the weather was uncharacteristically cold, but that did not stop this rooftop party from happening. It was a little rainy, but that did not stop the partying from happening. It seems like there is always a party to go to in Spain, or a bar to meet friends in, or an art gallery to explore. 
Speaking of galleries this was a super cool area. It was an old slaughter house that has been converted to series of restaurants and galleries.  
Super cool two story restaurant.
It seems like they did not just throw up slaughter houses and that the designers and architects actually put a bit of thought into the buildings.

Cool exhibit... I have no idea what has going on, but I liked it.
So there was this cool bike exhibit that we found in this area.
We also found this cat that resembles Jason a little bit... just a little bit though.
So apparently there are these little huts that artist will live in inside this warehouse. I guess they just do art stuff, but I am not really sure what artist do.
This was a slow race. Whoever got to the finish line first lost. If you are interested the old guy won.

Jason and Marco learning about brakes. Jason wanted some new brakes for his bike.
Cool bike with some interesting accessories.
There was this kid zone and stage where there was going to be live music. 
I like this shot. It almost looks like I did it on purpose. 
Cool park with kids playing football.
I like a nice relaxing river.
This picture is super funny. I was trying to discretely get a picture of the little girl in the traditional outfit, but she really had to pee so this is the one shot I was able to get of her. Poor girl...