Kate Kelly in Paris

Kate Kelly came to visit.  She is an illustration agent in New York and in the NY illustration crew.

I am in the 3x3 illustration directory again this year. 

there's my page with my travel archetypes.

I finally got the Wacom Intuos 5 digital drawing tablet with touch.  the whole thing is a big touch pad too!  i was using the Intuos 2 for the last 6 or 7 years and it was crapping out rapidly.

street art off rue mouffetard

more interesting tree trimming

Easter in Paris.  had to have Kate Kelly bring a box of egg dye from the US.  I ran around trying to find white eggs (which are not common in France).  I've seen them before but couldn't find any this day so this is what happens when you dye brown eggs.

I told them to put on their easter sunday best.

kaz's signature move.

Look left then right.

Grande Mosquée de Paris is the big mosque in paris.  it has a tea room, bath house and restaurant too. 

lamb Tagine with dates i think.  very good but kinda expensive, 17 euros.  I gotta come back and try the tea room and bathhouse, they look awesome!

this cafe manager at Cafe Contrascarpe on rue mouffetard look so french and had such a french nose.  I'm gonna draw this guy.  wish i could have gotten a better shot of him.

in the same circle as cafe contrascarpe iscafe des arts.  haven't tried it yet.   À La prochaine Kate Kelly.  Hope you enjoyed paris and got your francophilia fix for a while.