Kyle and Victo in Paris

Victo and Kyle came to visit

the inside the musee d'orsay

view from the restaurant in the d'orsay

Illustrator Nicolas Delort who lives in Paris.  He does sweet scratchboard art

One of the clocks looking out from the D'orsay.  you can see montmartre through the clock.  the d'orsay used to be a train station and was part of the inspiration for the book and then martin scorceses movie "Hugo".

Sennelier, and old cool art supply store.

Afro mickey street pasteup

Tartiflette at the market.  potatoes, reblochon cheese, lardons (bacon), and onions.  goodness.

I'm so sick of this weather in Paris.  Here we have the sun, rainbows, clouds, and hail all at the same time.

Kyle Stecker and Victo Ngai, two young illustrator hotshots from the new york young illustrators scene.  Check then out

Prototype Brochant along the seine.  It will be sad if they replace all the old classic boxes with these.

Everyone's fav, Lori

Menu at a school near my house.  Why couldn't we have minced lamb with basque sauce?

Finally went to get shoe taps on my shoes.  they aren't toe taps for tap dancing but shoe taps to protect the heel and toe of the shoes from getting worn down and prolonging their life.

metal toe taps last a lot longer than plastic toe taps.  you're probably not even supposed to put them on the rubber.  and probs not even on a pair of cole haans.  oh well, lets see how they work out.

They really shingle up anything and call it a roof here.  i love it though and need to illustrate it soon.

they also love pruning the trees to nubs and letting it grow back.

is this that spanish toro bull from that old spanish wine company?