Marco de Madrid - Part 2

part 2 of Marco in Paris

next to the Pompideu center

Jennî from sweden

look at the sky

rue montorgueill

Monte Martre

also on monte martre somewhere

but did you ever notice the tiny little a$$ asking to be slapped?  Some people can reach it.

and others can't.

but with a little help from your friends you CAN slap that a$$!!!!!

Chihiro the cartoon

view from sacre coeur at night.  the number of tourists and people singing american standards on the steps is just as annoying by night as it is by day

tons of people waiting in line to get into the pompiediou centere.  marco showed me a trick where there is an elevator to the right of this line with a security guy there asking where you're going.  if you say you're going the restaurant at the top you can get in the elevator and be inside the center and totally skip the line.  you still have to buy tickets to see the exhibitions but at least you're not in line for half an hour.

view from the top of the pompideu center.  like my spelling?  too bad.

more insanely mysterious signage

Achara from Beijing came for new years too.


random skatepark 

at the top of galerie lafayette.

there was this catholic holiday here where you eat this cake thing and inside there's a feve (don't know how to spell it) and whoever finds it is crowned the king of something for the year and their reward is that you have to buy the cake the next year.  my family got one and it even came with a hat crown.  maybe they all do.  we got a better one from the bakery though.


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