Marco de Madrid - Part 1

My old amigo marco came to paris from Madrid for the new year

the bathroom in this bar off of rue charonne had 50's and 60's era illustrated ads all over the walls

the view from chez Ahmed

um, am i in japan again?  paris apartments are small.

chez ahmed

marco and ahmed studied french together in Lyon.  Ahmed is a psychologist here in paris and marco is many things, number one is a bastard and number two is spanish.

kids playing petanque along canal st martin.

chihiro from tokyo.  she is like a cartoon.  she also studied french in lyon.  

this time we tried bar ourcq on the other side of the canal.  they also give out petanque sets.  it's also cool and i recommend a game of petanque at either place

canal st martin further south.

what the hell is going on here?  this was a sign facing in towards the canal.  

Comptoir General again.

"if you think this is chinese, call Acadomia".  In japanese it says, "I live in Japan".  it's nice to see that at least someone recognizes that not all Chinois (chinese) are Chinois.  like some Chinois are actually from Japan, or some Chinois are from Korea for example.  I'm being sarcastic but kind of not at the same time.