Assortiment de Photos

An assortment of photos from various phones and crappy pocket cameras going all the way back to the summer.


we went to this jazz thing in that brownstone that me and bob saw once on a friday night and wished we were invited to a live jazz party in someone's house.  turns out it's a bed and breakfast and anyone is invited.  they had a band and singer and then later in the night had open mic which was a variety of local people who could really sing and non-locals.  there were a few japanese dudes that came and had a saxophone jam session with everyone too.  I can't remember how much it was, $20 maybe.  they served fish fry.  it's just off the nostrand ave A train on 107 Macon street.

at Paris Saint Germain game.  I was hoping for a rowdy football hooligans thing but that didn't happen and PSG won so everyone was happy.

probably had enough hyun?


drawing giants

taking photo reference for more giants with an iphone fisheye attachment.

making fresh cranberry sauce for thanksgiving in paris

in the 16th.

awesome desk at the Dorsay

the clocks inside the dorsay inspired either the writer or scorcese or both for the book and movie "Hugo"

you can see sacre coeur through them.

cutting my hair by myself is trick.  look at that volume.  my hair gets a little crazy sometimes.

Celine took me to bellville.  this is a squat.  it looks like there was a punk show here.

section of a strip of watercolor paper i left out for us to draw on.  the first panel was a steamy new paris poo asking why he was born on christmas day.

wine glass at Les Papilles.  I can't write this place off yet but i would say the food was just OK this time around.

my parents ordered me gift wrapped gifts from .  it says enjoy your gift, merry christmas, love mom and dad.  


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