Allez 2013 - Part 2

part two of the start of 2013

loving the different rooftops in paris which you will see soon in some of my art

Merci is a pretty cool place.  there is a restaurant and a cafe along with the store full of cool stuff

Merci's literary cafe.  yes there is wireless.  pretty cool place.  seems like you can definitely run into someone you know here.  people next to me were (1) film maker and (1) fashion photographer shooting the sh!t and talking about some rediculous stuff.

all i ordered was one espresso but you still get this carafe of water.  nice touch

i got some nengajo's in the mail too.  accept who is this from?  i can't read that kanj da yo!

no return address either so i can't figure it out.  Japan, come on, look at this envelope, the address label, and the stamps.  what an amazing country that puts so much focus on aesthetic beauty!

Thanks Satoko.  on the back she said "are you having fun in daft punk country?"  

did you know that sales are illegal in France?  its a socialist country so there are only sales in january and june.  that means for those few weeks in january and june everywhere has sales and everyone goes apesh!t.  people will go to store the week before the sales and try on stuff and shop around waiting till that first day of the soldes and rush to buy their stuff at 20-80% off.  it goes for about 3 weeks and each week they knock off more but the cavet is that if you wait there will be nothing but XL sizes of the ugliest stuff left.  I went on the first day and got some stuff, mostly at 20-40% off.  I went back a week and a half later and it was kind of slim pickings.  So i don't know about you but i didn't know there were these crazy Paris/France wide sales on everything including luxury goods.  can't wait til the ones in june so i can get some fly summer gear. 

i don't know about ya'll but I'm digging these kind of patterns on various styles of tight women's pants and it makes my eyeballs go right for the good stuff.  and it makes your not hot legs hot and your hot legs super hot.  

i should have bought this jacket at topman in printemps :(

skinny is so skinny they have to brace it on rue charonne

Celine works for the City of Paris finding the coolest events and cultural stuff going on.  She loves doing stuff which is the right attitude to have for finding all the secret parts of paris and knowing the coolest things happening all the time.  you can't stop this girl!

she took me to a 50's style brochant

you would never find this place unless you were Celine.  its down some random side street and this is what it looks like on the outside.  i talked to the dudes next to the car.  it's owned by that american dude and the puffy jacket guys wife is japanese so he was throwing japanese at me and the other guy didnt talk hahaha

I was on my way home when i hit this at Place de Italie

Have you ever seen 2 million french people not want something so bad in their life?  I asked one of the events dudes in an orange shirt and he said it was an anti same sex marriage protest and that they hoped for 2 million people across the 3 meeting sites in paris.  I saw various signs with graphic sillouhettes of a MAN, WOMAN and children holding hands (showing that that is what a family is not, MAN MAN children or WOMAN WOMAN children).  On facebook i saw many of my french friends commenting about when french people were gonna get with it and stop being so stupid

oh this is a good one, they're saying no same sex marriage but they're not homophobes.  So i saw all kinds of people and many many familie with their kids in tow.  I saw super old people about to die and normal average joes and janes.  some say same sex marriage is an attack on their traditions and values.  to me this is crazy for them to not want this THIS badly.

Bercy Village by night.  I went with Ahmed to the cinema there see the life of Pi directed by Ang Lee which was pretty amazing visually and pretty decent overall.  the next day i'm going to Madrid.  See ya'll in madrid!  hasta mañana