Allez 2013! - Part 1

Let's go 2013!  This post really starts off 2013.  There are a few things i need to do in 2013.  Basically I need to love making artwork again and the rest will follow.  That means i need to draw more things i like to draw.  I need to get back in the illustration game because I was just treading water in 2012.  

Jenni the Swede didn't like her photo in the last post so here is a better one.  i mean when all you give me is garbage that's what you get! work with me here.

a trip to the George Pompidou Center.  Museums like this are free the first sunday of every month.  it's crazy in the day time but its open until 10pm so if you go later in the evening the crowds are gone.  only the permanent collections are free, but that is two massive floors.  I only had time to see 1 floor of it.  You need at least 2 hours to see both floors and probably 4 to really enjoy and appreciate it all.

oh french museum curators, you guys.

there were spices or something in these.

my custom daruma doll from japan with 3 sets of eyes.  usually they have two eyes, you fill in one pupil and make a a goal or wish.  then when you reach your goal you fill in the other pupil.  So he's like a little motivator, sitting on your desk all year until you accomplish your goal.  he also is weighted at the bottom so he always rights himself when you push him down, which is supposed to represent you and you're resilience and ability to get back up after you get knocked down.  The story is that daruma is actually a monk from india that meditated so long that his arms and legs fell off.  I got this one at design festa when i lived in tokyo.  They're made by Mi-Tan (Michiyo).  She speaks english and makes a bunch of crazy kinds of daruma dolls.

my 3 goals were to live in Barcelona, London, and Paris.  and now i've done all 3!!!!  Need to get a new daruma now.

2012 was interesting with more than a few bummers and things to celebrate.  I lost my mojo.  I became disenchanted with everything.  I need to love life again.  I can, and I will.  Stick around and you'll see it on this blog.  Come at me 2013