Tokyo Stretch One

more adventures back in tokyo from kansai

it stings that everyday i have to walk by my old japanese school to get to ai's house.

i thought this was white chocolate from vivi's wedding gift bag.  i was so hungry.  i had no time.  i grabbed it and ran and chomped into it on the street.  i chewed it and it tasted horrible, there are no garbage cans in japan so i had to hold it in.  it turned out to be soap from lush.  disgusto.

i did a test between Mos Burger and Freshness Burger, their signature name burgers.  This is Mos Burger's "Moss Burger" even with cheese that messes up the experiment this Freshness burger is still better.  don't get me wrong mos burger is still delicious but costs a little more than freshness burger and doesn't add up.

Freshness Burger's "Freshness Burger".  The winner!  it costs a little less and they toast their buns to perfection, Mos Burger doesn't even toast theirs. 


met Vivi and Eiskue's friends in Tokyo for more drinks and merry making.

ended up at some darts place.

a "mata ne" party with my tokyo friends.  Ji Yeon and Alan from my old japanese class.

Hideki and his new wife

Toshi and Kayoko, her english name is Barbara and she gets sassy.

the Police koban in shibuya

people missed the last train so we had to karaoke until 5am to catch the first train.  We got the room that they sang in in the movie "Lost in Translation"!  it's like 180 degrees of glass overlooking shibuya.

someone getting booked at that police box

they said these guys looked like yakuza

UFO.  if you're japanese from our generation then you know what this is.

the walk home through harajuku

meguro river night cherry blossom drinking trip.

these school girls look like their just going through the motions.

john, ai, gorilla, and akari 

Homeless in Shibuya.


jake first said...

some really nice shots of tokyo you have managed to capture

Peter Russo said...

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