Seoul One More Time 5

back in seoul

lemonade stand.  yes this is korea.  on base.

fortune tellers are super popular in korea and asia and irene totally believes in it 100%  this was my chance to finally see what it was all about so i went with irene and ivan to see this woman that kelly recommended at this fortune telling cafe.  i wrote down on a piece of paper what she told me so ya'll on this blog could know but its buried somewhere in my suitcase.  she said a lot of general sweeping statements.  a few specific things that were seemingly like "how did she know that?".  but in the end i think she is just good at reading people and i don't believe in this sheit at all.  

at this fortune telling cafe there are lots of other "fortune tellers" and you wait and drink tea and sheit until your fortune teller of choice is done making money and ready to take your money.

what a hustle.  selling new-fangled pipe cleaners.

went to visit Woojung at her new place way way on the outskirts of Seoul.  don't even think its Seoul.  There was lots of farm land and fresh smelling stuff.  Woojung is an illustrator.

they rescued this dog.  its like a cartoon.  its feet flutter across the floor 2,000 times per second 

Yongsan gu somewhere

went on a bike ride with junghyun along the han river.

haven't seen this guy from the Yonsei Snowboard club in 10 years.

ate at saebyeokjib.

yukhwae bibimbap and haejanggook (hangover stew).

Sara and Eliana in Seoul for some reason