Seoul One More Time 3

Yoon's mom by coincidence happens to be staying with him the same time I go there (once a year, and she lives in LA so it is kind of amazing).  She is super motherly so this means Korean food in abundance in the house all the time.  Korea food is probably my favorite food in the world so it's awesome for me.

tough hustle.  selling socks on the subway.

seriously his mom makes me breakfast/lunch whenever i wake up and if she's not there she'll leave it for me on the table.  too nice.

went with Ivan on a rainy day to Chuncheon to eat ddak kalbi and drink oksusu made out of corn.

a whole alley full of places serving chicken

Korea like a lot of countries has foreign models do all of the too sexy stuff

what a weird name.

you're such a binch.

the president's house

in Seoul the dream of most people is not to buy a house but buy a unit in one of these.  They are everywhere on the Seoul skyline.

one of 3 Damian hirsts i saw all owned by this guy who owns the bus depot and mall here.

friend and artist, chung soyoung 정소영

she lived a lot of places like Paris, Moscow, and more.

a cute art girl!

this guy is one of the patron saints of the fine art world in Korea.  He has at least 3 Damian Hirsts that i saw around the city and bought Soyoung's big centerpiece installation.

um, did someone take the phonetic spelling super literally?  Where they trying to write Richard and wrote it the Konglish way?  hahhahahahah

Yoon's mom at it again.