Seoul One More Time 1

Seoul one more time before Yoon, Will, Ivan, and others ship out

upgraded to business class on Korean Air from Tokyo to Seoul, awesome!  As always Korean air is the best.

record bar somewhere around the US embassy kind of.

Korea, like the rest of asia is cool cuz you can drink in public.  but at most convenience stores here they have plastic tables and chairs out front to help you out.  drinking beer and soju with your buds outside on a spring night is pretty sweet.  I used to love those coffee flavored ice pop things when i studied in Seoul in 2001-2

always gotta try the new beers.

vibrant greens of spring coming on.

Garosu Gil is a hip trendy street great for people watching, specifically girls.  And the best place on Garosu Gil to people watch is Coffee Smith.  At coffee smith there is the highest concentration of HOT girls that i have seen anywhere in the world thus far.  of course they are all plastic surgery'd up but if you're just looking then its here.  of course the one photo i have has a bunch of dudes in the front, god!  anyway, this place if packed to the gils with tall, leggy, sexy, make up'd korean ladies that want to be seen.  Its one of the many centers of vanity in Seoul.  why didn't i come here one afternoon for a seoul fashion snap session?  i don't know, i'm sorry hot blooded male readers.

since i studied here in 2001 there has been an increasing amount of plastic surgery ads but this time around it seemed like they were everywhere.  Korea is really f'd up in this aspect.  

i asked and people said these always existed in Korea, but i don't remember seeing them before cuz i would have blogged about it on one of the previous 6 trips to Korea.  you have to jerk this soap on a stick off to wash your hands gross.

i met my old roommate from beijing and she took me to her friend's hair salon for a cut.  the dude was super enthusiastic about styling my hair so i said, ok dude go nuts.

the results:  weiner

bossam pork awesomeness.  I had too much bossam on this trip if that's at all possible.

if you can find this building in jonggak then you can go to the roof that's open for an awesome view.  score points with your friends or lady and drink some drinks up there like we did.  nice find ivan.

Noraebang (aka karaoke).  our 3 chinese friends kept the chinese "hits" coming.

some Reggae bar in Hongdae.  tiny, but had the most fun atmosphere that i've encountered in Seoul in years.  no huge techno club BS.  no one trying to look cool, just everyone dancing and having genuine fun.  this might sound like a no-brainer but in Seoul it's hard to find people having a genuine good time and not spending at least half of their energy output on trying to look cool

good ol' Jung Hyun from the Yonsei snowboarding club way back in 2001.  we used to skate together and its so cool that we're still friends today.  He's too nice of a guy and is recently married and now going to be a dad soon.