Roadtrip - Gapyeong and Jeonju Hanok Villages

Gapyeong hanok village 개평한옥마을 where we stayed.

the floor in our room was heated and here is the hearth for that under the house.

what's this ?

the Hanok we stayed in was the location of 2 tv dramas, Toji in 1987 and Damo in 2003.  its actually a national treasure and has been in the family for super long and the guy lets people rent it sometimes.  I'm sure its cold as balls in the winter, especially since the door is made out of paper.  

the rest of the village.

Yoon's mom picked some kind of wild plant

the hottest ride in town.

Model of where we stayed at the town info center.

Yoon's mom looking stately.

she picked this much.  she made it into soup a few days later.

when we first pulled up down that long rocky road we ended up hitting some big rock that wasn't visible and did this to our rental car.

then we discovered that we did this to the other side trying to get the car out at night.  we are dumbA$$es.  with the car rental car insurance we ended up paying only $100 for these damages.

buying dduk along the way.

liking the orange and blue rooftop color schemes around the area.

now we're in Jeonju, famous for its Hanok village.  We came to see that it was like a Disneyland Hanok village and was ultra touristy and that the one we stayed at in the middle of nowhere was the real deal.  At this point we were all knackered and unimpressed with the disneyland like spectacle of Jeonju.

looks like they're planning the whole renovation around this tree.  seems like a good idea.

lunch at this awesome place.  duck meat and tons of panchan.  its beautiful.

gambling for kids.  prizes are these sugar toy things.  get em' started early...... they can end up like this