Korea One More Time 4

went with Yoon's mom to cheongju to see his uncle.  why would the bus choose this as their curtains?  it reminds me of those rip stop bags that chinese people carry their whole lives in.

went to my old astoria roommate Seung Eun's studio.

she has moved over to printmaking instead of painting these days.

i saw this outside and could have sworn it was SPAM and said we gotta get it.  We asked if they had SPAM, they said no.  saw it outside when we left and everyone agreed that it was SPAM.  hate them.

where's redface?

we went to Su Noraebang (karaoke) in Hongdae with Yoon's mom on her birthday.  This dog in the lobby was a'humpin' everyone.


no alchohol is sold at this noraebang.  wtf?  do they really think people want to practice singing seriously and that this place is nothing more than a mostly glass noraebang for Hongdae sluts to show off their stuff to passers by on the street in?

the cheshire cat

usually there are hot hongdae ho's in these windows trying to look cool and hot

aw, this dog has no end to cuteness.  first it was humping everyone, now it's taking your car keys.


a beer margarita.  not so good.

Ms. Sunshine face Sohyun.

this couple just couldn't get their ish under control.  Come on, if you're gonna ride a motorcycle on the sidewalk at least make it exciting.

the best makoli we all had ever had at this place on haebangchon near the army base.  i don't remember the name of this kind of makoli but it was the bomb.


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