Tri-Wizard Croquet Tournament

Here is something I forgot to post from the summer to warm up your dreary winter day. We held the Tri-Wizard Croquet tournament at Clapham Common in London. The houses of Griffindor, Slytheryn, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw all participated. After everyone entered their names into the goblet of fire the sorting hat divvied up teams. Note: I'm not a harry potter dork but i had to trick everyone into coming to play croquet somehow.

I saw the real life Hagrid on the tube on the way there but he had to go feed some mythical creatures so he couldn't play.

we had a bountiful spread

grounds keeper Filtch in the foreground (aka Ed) explaining the rules and walking out the field of play. I threw the rules at him so he could deal with it since he's good at that kind of thing.

the 18 pound set handles started breaking

arguments heating up on the field as no one really knows the rules

ideally everyone would have been wearing their 1920's sunday in the park outfits but its was on short notice.


the cheating bad sports Slytheryn

the always mediocre forgettable Hufflepuff

Ravenclaw. the winners? cheaters? on the left is Sioban, my other flatmate, probably the only time she's been on the blog.

even the tri-wizard tournament can get photobombed

hey look it's j ribiero and j raish.