Oxford is the home of many universities, the most famous and prestigious being Oxford University. It has a population of just under 165,000. It lies about 50 miles (80 km) north-west of London.

what's up with this one teated cow

Steven is upset that this is a mobile phone store

awesome places by the river

this wolf/dog was just wandering the streets.

cigarette ends?

forget the name of this museum but there was some cool stuff life this chinese chair and the samurai kabuto below

i'm really into this indian art

I asked the woman what's up and she said they have a collection of rings, some of which inspired the lord of the ring's ring. when the light hits it just right it lights up inside.

side street next to the flag and lamb or eagle and child pub, can't remember which.

this says "hands off vietnam" could this still be there from the 70's?

one of the coolest museums i've ever been to, the Pitts Rivers museum. it's an accessible museum that knows what it is. It's for the everyman and his kids and not the museum snob. It is jammed to the brim with cool stuff. I highly recommend this museum if you go to oxford. I wish i had more time in oxford because i could have spent a few more hours in here. the displays literally are jam packed.

they're called buggies in the England.

what's happening here? this door seems really small.

the building was quaint and awesome.

one of the famous buildings of Oxford. i think it's a library.

tiny alley that is easy to miss. down this alley is the Turf Tavern, one of the famous ones in Oxford. the smaller sign says "an education in intoxication".

court yard of one of the other universities. it seems to be the dorms.

salmon something or other. good stuff. at this point me and steven had been to 3 pubs including the "flag and lamb" and the "eagle and child" both of which JRR Tolkien and C.S. Lewis used to frequent. We had quite a few pints and i forgot to take photos of that.

we missed our train, went to drink another pint, found this pub with 5 british rednecks, one of whom upon hearing i was from america asked if i liked toby keith. he said he went to a toby keith concert and thought he would be the only one there but to his surprise there were 40,000 other british fans. upon getting back to london we were still filled with pints and had no reason and proceeded to go to the Sun on bethnal green road for more pints. that was dumb. Oxford was a charming city

thanksgiving in foreign countries has been interesting. this year it was a KFC box

what is wrong with KFC in foreign countries? in London they don't have mashed potatoes or biscuits. one of the options for sides is gravy. since when is a cup of gravy a side!

Satoko from Tokyo came to London. she got drunk and really let loose for once.

loft party somewhere. Satoko was bouncing around like she was drunk on gummy bear juice.

phones i have used in the last 3.5 years. from left to right. USA Verizon phone i've had since 2002. 2 identical chinese Motorola phones. purple samsung softbank phone from japan. red spanish sony erickson phone. British unlocked HTC smart phone. and lastly my landline phone through vonage (VOIP, internet phone that has remained my 917 new york number).

i was in this Neo Folk mini book that they gave out at some big show in Paris. it was put together by Kult, an agency in Singapore.



A paper model i put together so i could get the shadows right for this painting i'm working on. You'll see that later