Give Me a Bell

you guessed it. give me a bell means give me a phone call. would you have gotten it if there wasn't a picture of phone booths?

Vintage Emporium. upstairs is a cafe, down stairs is a vintage shop. its a cool place and they always play music like billie holiday and johnny cash.

my flatmate Lucy, with for the first time on this blog, Betty.

Betty is also a "working cocker spaniel". she is the sweet intelligent one while wilf is the crazy wild man.

i think this place is called the bridge. its under a bridge on kingsland road and looks like a great date spot. downstairs looks like a nice greek-ish pub or something and then you go upstairs and it looks like this. look its sophie and steven in the mid-ground.

Micela introduced me to Zainib who is a director at the BBC. she directs the Breakfast show, the news at 10 and 1 and probably other stuff. She directed the Royal Wedding!!! She is a crazy super woman and has ADD but you have to to do this job. she was shouting into microphones, sliding levers, pushing buttons, cueing up clips, and directing a whole team to bring the news to everyone in real time. It looked super stressful, she has like 5 computer screens to look at and then all those tv screens you see in front of you. all while she would intermittently turn around and explain things to me and i would just nod my head in the hopes that she would turn back around and not miss any cues on account of talking to me.

here she is at 1 oclock news time at the audio mixing board or watever it is. it looked like she was just randomly sliding levers when she felt like it but she is super sharp and on point so i'm sure she knew what she was doing.

i'm assuming hard talk is a political talk show, but i don't watch tv so i don't know.

she showed me pics of celebs that she meets there like will ferrel, Jason Raish, and twilight dude.

Lucy has a studio steps from brick lane on sclater street.

she does portraits here.

not creepy in the slightest.

corner of HSBC and bethnal green road.

school near my house on vallance road. Lots of signs in my neighborhood are in Arabic.

Lucy and Wilf at victoria park.

he's the bad one. betty didn't go in there.

lucy betty and sophie pan W wenlin. sophie is beijing time buddy and just moved back to NYC after getting her masters here.

phone booths at primrose hill.

primrose hill. what a place.

i nice late afternoon session on the grass with some Crabby's alcoholic ginger beer.

what's a cottage pie? i don't really know either. it's gravy'd up ground beef topped with mashed potatoes.


Natalie and my cocker spaniels said...

Betty looks gorgeous on the photo. Seems like she enjoyed being photographed.