Paris - A visit to the city of light - Partie Quatre

day 4 of my visit to paris.

Paris is like the third place in france to have this free bicycle system. there are 20,000 of these in paris. it's awesome, and biking in paris is highly recommended. when will HSBC USA make chip and pin credit cards so they can be used in the rest of the world? I'm sick of trying to use my card in all these countries and getting a big middle finger from my chipless card.

bike lanes, there are quite a bit of them so it makes biking safer, unlike london where there aren't that many.

I took a stroll through Le Marais, a lot of it is the old jewish quarter. its full of cool stores and stuff.

check out this city construction vehicle. pimpin' it with a landrover.

i tried to go to musee caravalet but there was something going on and the fire dept was carrying a hose out of there.

this guy that i presume was french looked at me with disgust as i took a photo of this dead pigeon. he kept looking at me down the sidewalk even like 200 yards away. the kind of look you give someone if you had raped their cat (which i didn't). another instance in Paris where i was preparing to fight someone.

parting the waters in the jewish quarter

i love lamps like this and long for the day when i can own one of these to draw with instead of the $13 ikea one that i've owned in every country i've lived in.

so much wine is consumed here that they have these wine bottle recycling things everywhere.

what that isss? a mini tuba?

i really like this. there are so many two wheeled vehicles in Paris that they need this type of signage.

i looked online for 30 seconds and couldn't tell if this is made by the space invader street artist but my guess would be no.

at this bakery this machine handles all the money, the human workers dont ever touch money here.

quiche, a french institution. good stuff. looking forward to trying the many varieties.

the george pompidou center. the concept was to turn a building inside out and put all of the inner workings like air ducts on the outside. George Pompidou is a former french president that is loved and hated.

Both Ray women in one wes anderson like shot

the tail end of the techno parade. it ended at place de itale and looked like bad news because i thought it looked like a bunch of unsavory youth drinking and ready to go wild, but my aunt didn't think so. but that's cuz i can't read the streets of paris yet.