Barcelona Life

Burlesque show at Ada gallery with hitler as our performer

our bathroom.

somewhere below plaza universitat

some bar across the street from the black sheep.

there are tons of motorbikes here. This means there are lots of hot girls riding motorbikes wearing helmets. Its kind of mysterious and badass to see a girl wearing a helmet because you can only see her eyes. oftentimes they take the helmet off and look not so great (like in this example) but i guess its that gamble that adds to the appeal of girls wearing moto helmets. Come on dudes, you have to admit that if you saw ladies in tight summer gear with heels and a helmet in New York that wouldn't turn your crank?! If you cropped this photo with just the helmets you would think there are 3 douche bags sitting to the the left of them not 3 aging fashionistas (maybe someday ill get a shot of 3 hot motobike gals aforementioned).

Marco's illustration class at Escola Massana

one of the painting studios at Escola Massana

impromptu painting party at Luis's house. Marco, Flavia, and Laura collab'in

this place in gracia has awesome Catalan food.

big tostadas. this one is tuna and roasted peppers which is super common and o-some.

crema catalana is basically creme brulee and its still awesome. its maybe the most common desert. Not pictured here but also super common is potatoes with alioli which is mayo, olive oil, and a ton of garlic and its a ton of awesome. I am gonna try to make this when i go to my parents house in NY this x-mas cuz it's the only time I'll have access to a blowtorch.

marco once took a creative writing class. he often goes to eat dinner with them on thursdays and sometimes i come along. this woman is in the class. She is Catalan but has lived in Mexico with her husband for like 40 years. she is like 65-70 yrs old. She recently divorced him and came back to Catalonia within the last year. Since then she joined this writing class, traveled to India and hangs out weekly. And she speaks english. What a woman. I hope i can still be at her level when i'm 70. I hope i can still speak english.

La Arenas used to be a bull fighting ring, now they turned it into a shopping mall. Just a different form of treachery. They have an observation deck and restaurants on the top. It's cool and if you're in the area you should check it out.

on the adjacent corner is Fira de Barcelona. I don't know what it usually is but it was hosting a huge art expo kind of like they have in Beijing but smaller.

Marco found a suitable table top piece of something and i cut it but needed legs for it so i bought two work horses (burros in spanish which means donkey so kind of the same thing) I checked a couple places with no luck and then found them at servei estacio. so if you need hardware stuff that is your place. buying stuff when you're only gonna live there for 3 months sucks and makes you not buy anything. I didn't even buy a drawing lamp yet.

while out trying to find a place to fix a bike tire me and marco stumbled across this kind of art foundation somewhere and they had some exhibit action going on. thought this was cool.

there is a deadly e coli epidemic spreading in europe now and the germans are blaming the spanish cucumbers for it and other countries are blaming other countries cucs for it so i've seen pics of lots of cucs going to cuc death camps to die. I don't know how they destroy literally megatons of cucumbers but they've been ordered to do it. Eat these and die! (so says parts of Europe).

another assortment of spanish beer. they ranged from not bad to pretty damn good.

spanish dude friends before club Apolo. I have learned that 3 months is not enough time to fully know a country or city. Ok well maybe you can know a city but 3 months gives you enough time to know it but not enough time to start enjoying the knowledge and friends that you have made. I only have 4 weeks left in Spain and have started making friends and know my way around and then when it starts getting good I will have to leave. So anyone out there if you can get longer than 3 months in whatever country you want to live in do it, or else you will feel like you are on a 3 month vacation instead of actually living there.