Mikur in Tokyo

Me and Akari's friend Mikur from New York came to Japan on part of her whirlwind Asia tour (her real name is Micaela but Mikur is the bootleg Engrish name a made for her)

Mikur and Akari

we went to a micro bar in shibuya at 2 in the morning and there was this guy there with his cat Mirin (mirin is used for cooking) and the bar tender was a cute young girl. this is noteable because the bartenders are usually old grandmas. the girl ended up speaking english because she had some weird story and was partially raised in Oneonta, New York near Albany. how random.

chef at sushi place in meguro blasting something with a propane torch.

view from the 8th floor or so of Honjin Okonomiyaki in Shinjuku, Kabuki cho. decent place and nice view.

girls at Hachiko. show me a guy that doesn't love those socks.

SKE48 is the 48 girl group from Nagoya. (remember AKB48 from Akihabara in tokyo?) I think they are sister groups. the main member of SKE48 was 12 yrs old when she started and they all wear a lot less than what they are on this truck side. what the hell.

that cool shrine in Inokashira park again on the way to the ghibli museum.

have you ever been walking along and had the craving to buy just one strawberry for $2.43? Well its your lucky day because in some places you can! This is for seriously here.

What are these girls thinking? 2 sets of "twins". Don't their parents ask what's in those pink suitcases before they leave their suburban homes to ride for 1.5 hrs on the train to tokyo in order to prance around for an afternoon like that?

learned a new word, mogura (mole). but i'm talking about star-nosed moles that have fingers on their nose vivi, let me show you.

Here is the bst picture of vivi that you're ever gonna get.

next to tsukiji

Hamarikyu Garden with what looks like rapeseed flowers. to get to the suido waterbus landing stop located at the back of the park you have to buy a ticket for the garden to get through. jerks. makin you pay 300 yen to see beautiful sh!t on your way to the boat.

the Asahi golden fart from directly below.

we walked to the tokyo skytree. the new tallest building in japan and supposedly the tallest in the world but i looked online and it says it will be the tallest "tower" in the world and the 2nd largest "structure" in the world after some thing in Dubai.

These were actually pretty damn hot. i bought these in tsukiji because i knew we were gonna need a wake up remedy later. They are hot because they are not from Japan. they are made in New Jersey. Even the hottest things in Japan are just like your grandma pinching your cheek or something.

We went to the Miraikan aka the Museum of Emerging Technology on Odaiba island. It is a pretty cool place and i recommend it. These guys were giving out help desk information and well as shooting the breeze and giving us sh@tty dvds. i will post a picture of it next time and a screen cap of this guy hugging trees. these guys had volunteer written on their back, there were tons of volunteers everywhere, they were all old mostly men. they were all super knowledgeable in their area of the museum, are they retired professors or something? why is Japan such an awesome Utopia?

The very first thing we saw when we got upstairs was a bunch of people sitting around waiting for Asimo, a fully moveable robot made by honda. He came out like 30 seconds later so we had perfect timing. watching him walk and run is FREAKY. check out the video, i found it on youtube since i can't take video with my camera.

walking action starts at about :38 seconds in but you can see it kick a ball before that.

he's as tall as a child. imagine if it went crazy and all the gyroscopic independent motor action rotations were punching all the school kids sitting on the floor in the face? or my nuts? it would be awesome.

Which country do you want to live in map. green=nature, red=culture, yellow=politics/society. looks like everyone wants to live in europe and Japan, no one wants to live in the US, and one family of 6 from Gabon, Africa wants to live in Gabon.

This is the most amazing thing i have seen in about 10 years. Check out the video, it was done 3 years ago. now they are using black fluid and lighting it with LED lights so it looks even more amazing and like fiber optics. the tower holds ferrofluid and they strengthen or weaken the magnetic force around it so they can time its actions to music. crazy

no special effects this is real!

they had a japanese space program section. yes japanese astronaunts get space strawberry shortcake just like you and me but they also get freeze dried space takoyaki instead (octopus batter balls).

see you someday Mikur.