NY Winter 2011 - Meat and Cameras

Converse store on broadway in soho

another old standby, turkey sandwiches

F U sophie just layin' in that blanket all day

Melissa in the offices of RIO pr agency, an agency that she started with her friend Georgia. they do public relations and image and brand building mostly in the Fashion arena. http://www.riopr.com/

some mexican food place in chinatown that had chinese a cool chinese interior. reflections of the lanterns in the window

i am digging this modern traditional style scroll painting

Where could this be?

the Sunshine Cinema on houston street. it's probably the beacon of independent cinema in NY. I saw the illusionist with diana.

Diana is like a real adult now too. Here shes dealing with some file transfer problem.

Hill Country on 26th street is the best BBQ i've ever had. the meat is on another level. you order by the pound and they wrap it up in butcher's paper. You have to go here!

brisket, ribs, mac and cheese, green bean salad, potato bread.

seriously you have to go here.

random bar for a drink afterward with Debbie, Salih, Jennifer, and Fu, who all came to visit me in Tokyo.

The King, random elvis in a parking garage.

lil' Ellen Oh. always such a good attitude Ellen! Ellen is from LA and loves food. she always has good recommendations because although she is a foodie she is not above any kind of food.

After that was Crif Dogs where you can get bacon wrapped hot dogs. Ellen recommended the Jon Jon which is a bacon wrapped hot dog with cream cheese and chives. The tater tots are amazing and perfect too. they were closing so they gave us like 3 orders of tater tots. next to crif dogs is a secret bar where you have to call on this payphone to be let in.

got prints and saw my old co-workers at FIT.

They finally did something with the highline. Its this old abandoned elevated train track on 10th ave. in some places it runs right into the sides of buildings. They made it into a nice park after years of people fighting its demolition.

James is a real adult now and works at this photo studio/camera/video/motion capture studio on 18th st. http://www.driveinstudios.com/
they were doing a photoshoot for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's clothing line in the studio across the hall. James put an expensive Canon L series lens on my camera that was super wide angle to take this pic. the quality of the L series lenses is pretty awesome.

lighting rigs and other stuff

shelves of expensive lenses


Rob said...

I like how all of your friends are like real adults now. What happened to you?