New Year's Illustration Mix

this is from december. a spread for the Chicago Tribune about holiday workouts.

the following are reworked illos for my children's portfolio. any comments welcome. my problem is i always make things too extreme or grotesque or detailed or etc... for children's work so i need to know what i'm doing wrong. You can see the whole shebang here:

i had the cover and a feature in the December issue of W.E.B. magazine in Korea. Yoon actually saw this at the store. that's kind of cool

I have an interview in this months Advanced Photoshop magazine from the UK. well at least it's on sale now in the US.
My old buddy Al Powell saw this at the store in NY. kind of cool

I have a feature in this months Computer Arts from the UK. don't know when its on sale in the US though. no one saw this yet cuz it's probably not for sale in NY yet