The Man Files - Part 2 and Post Xmas

In this installment of the man files that has turned into just examples of manly activities instead of instructional posts we have chainsaws, off road vehicles, sports cars, and bob.

Bob using a chainsaw. did you ever think you would see it in your lifetime?

bob looking like some kind of f'd up euro lesbian. In our defense we had to just wear watever outdoor gear there was in the closet from 30 years ago.

my dad was probably pretty concerned about bob's wet noodle arms.

ladies? any takers? this is what a man does. he drives off road vehicles. this is a T-rex but spelled weird like Tyrx or something hooked up to a cart.

the 4th hay field where my dad has a shooting range.

we used to sled down this treacherous trail lined with thorn bushes on both sides. I'm old now so there is no hitting the ramp at the bottom and flying in the air and slamming down hard and being instantly ok.

the canisteo valley

trouble on the trail! quick boy fetch dad because we can't fix sh!t !!

our dad fixed up this British triumph spitfire a few years ago. why couldn't they have this when we were in highschool?

Last country breakfast, sausage gravy and biscuits, hash browns, buttermilk pancakes

fox mask from that 1000 red torri gate shrine in kyoto that we forgot to give bob.

my communication arts 51st annual illustration award

ren and stimpy seasons 4 and 5 dvds i got for xmas.

this will be maybe the 3rd book i've read since highschool following his previous book "guns, germs, and steel". both are highly recommended by bob which is why i read them. i can highly recommend too.

senior portraits

unfiltered sake i got for my parents from japan. they started drinking sake. i like that they have taken a liking to some of the stuff from my travels.

Korean dance masks i bought them 10 years ago in Seoul

the tunnel and weave polls in action, ala best in show. my mom is all into this now. these dogs are a little big for this.

Brody's canine good citizenship badge because he went to obedience school. Ok on to the NY posts next!