Life After School

I am free from the binds of 1 year of Japanese school everyday. That frees up a good 5 hours of free time. I have Two months left in Japan. A new period in the life of Jason has started.

following my try lots of new stuff policy i got these from the freezer section of the store. they are aji fry aka breaded horse mackerel. just like anything friend you cant really go wrong.

my society of illustrators members certificate that doesn't really mean anything.

Diana gave me these 2 books in NY. Dave Cooper's new art book Bent, and Mouk by Marc Boutavant. I have Dave Cooper's first book and met him in NY and he signed it.

I like the Japanese version of a theif. they always have a hankerchief tied around their nose and steal panties. They are my heroes.

do they turn mushrooms upside down to harvest the juices in america? i don't know because i hate mushrooms.

medicine in asia doesn't work. why did i even try. its like glorified asprin. the guy at the pharmacy said this works well as a SET and that i would get better FAST. didn't happen. it cost $30 too.

a ball of collagen. This was a bonus addidtion to our nabe pot. a gross thought and i just tried to not think about how this was melted into everything in that pot.

I went to this old and famous washi store Isetatsu in yanaka. They make Edo-style chiyogami. Chiyogami is originally form Kyoto and they enlisted ukiyo-e artists to make designs. One of Isetatsu's designs was made by Hiroshige. Van Gogh used an Isetatsu design in the background of one of his paintings. These are supposed to be for more practical purposes like wrapping paper.

most stuff was around 126 yen. the big black paper below was 800 yen though

i bought this. awesomeness. you'll see these in my work eventually

bought these too.

finally bought an Inu Hariko. they're always so expensive. this was 2,600 yen.

the shop info. that sticker is their name Itsetatsu. even the paper they wrap everything up in is cool.

I didn't know there was a Tokyo Riding Club on the west side of yoyogi park

and i happened upon this awesome kids park with tree houses, swings, camp fires, club houses, voice tubes, and water tubs.

For a kids this place has gotta be awesome. It's like the treehouse that you always wanted but never built. Could this exist in america? probably building and safety codes wouldn't let this happen.

mother and daughter using the voice tube system that was strewn about the park. you talk in one end and can listen on the other end

how awesome is this park? they even have a camp fire log stool set up where awesome ghost stories are told in the summer time and marshmallows are roasted. It's like an amazing oasis for kids in the middle of tokyo.

how awesome will these giant tubs be when they're filled up with water in the summer time?

Kabuki cho host land. the most rediculouse thing i've seen in Kabuki-cho so far. 3 hosts walking 3 huge manicured poodles or something. I wish i got a front shot so bad.

helped Ai move into her new apartment close to my old school. electric pole made up of 5 pictures.

I know Agnes from friends in NY. She is half japanese and half something. she's from Kobe but went to American school there so i met her and her american school friends while she was visiting Japan. She went to NYU and lives in NY. She was once on the Sartorialist website:

and here she is all sleepy and tuckered out. See you in Ny again someday Agnes.