Best of 2010 - Part III

Part III of the Best 2010 memories.

I finally bought a good camera. From here on out most photos where shot with this and its a huuuuge improvement over that sh!!!ty pocket Canon.

Sumo is a must see

Doll festival at Meiji Jingu shrine in Harajuku

the worst of 2010, the minato-ku citizens festival. really wack and weird and not in a good way.

Half marathon in Mie prefecture with Fumika's whole family. 1 hour 42 minutes was my time.

Worst of 2010: this burger king whopper all you can eat challenge. all you can eat whoppers for 30 min. it's not possible to eat more than 3 whoppers unless you're a pro because eats up time ordering the next one and for them to finally bring it out. i did 3, but my goal was 4. failure never tasted so bad.

ridiculously low tunnel somewhere near shinagawa and the river

made shoes out of pvc, hemp

thanks to yoon i have learned the merits of sangria.

this year's halloween costume was a hit

my roommate's curry is always a welcome site and smell.

Fear of Crossing bridges. huge 20" x 20" illustration for a book about phobias.

cover for a Lent booklet. it was translated into korean this year as well so they wanted a Korean flavor

spot illustration for the Lent booklet.

Crayon house organic all you can eat brunch on the weekends is awesome.

I rekindled my love with toast this year and thusly made love with toast just about every single day.

after a few hours of trying to find real thanksgiving dinner this hot pot it what i ended up with.

got a tour of the cocoon tower because one of my classmate's boyfriend goes to school in there.

lights on omotesando street

as with every year riding my bike around and seeing whatever city i live in is awesome. Tokyo is cool because its on the water so there is tons of coolness down there.

I got to meet this guy this year, my parents new newfoundland puppy Brody. He's 130 pounds and growing.

first christmas i spent at home upstate in the last 3 years.

first family portraits we've had in the last 25 years. props to the Raish brothers creative agency for making it all come together.

I spent 2 days of 2010 in NYC. i made love with NY pizza almost every day after that.