Best of 2010 - Part II

Part II of the best of 2010 memories.

Koi Nobori festival somewhere not in Tokyo

the midori kaiten sushi place in Atre 2 in Meguro, super cheap but super good.

clam digging somewhere near Mie prefecture but not mie.

The Gayest of 2010: this photo of bob in all his glory.

Best meal of 2010?: this modern kaiseki dinner at this place somewhere in Kyoto. like 30 kinds of food in 2-3 bite portions

shortest train ever, 1 car. this goes to arashiyama west of central kyoto.

Worst of 2010 that turned out to be the best: Hakone with bob and marco. we missed the ropeway and pirate ship ride which is like the only reason to go to hakone because of sudden inclimate weather that shut everything down. we ended up freezing, walking around for hours, and finally finding the best onsen i've ever been to. It's pretty humorous when you look at it now.

good to see these 3 worlds merge in 2010. johnny ribiero was here for the summer.

how many best of's can fit into one night? a lot more than i have room for in this blog post. after dinner i "convinced" bob that we should walk home via the canal that stretches from Ebisu to Hiroo.

but before that bob had a little fun on the octopus slide.

after an asakusa boat ride.

2010 saw the Raish brothers finally in the same place, at the same time, with an excuse to wear their matching white shoes and suits. It's been a joke 3 years in the making that in the end no one got except us so we probably belong in the worst of the 21st century catergory.

rowing in inokashira park

my mom came to tokyo immediately after bob. these sumida river boat rides are also the best of 2010, highly recommended.

who loves purikura more than you? my mom.

Best Matsuri of 2010: Koenji Awa Odori Matsuri. so much fun, so much energy despite it being so hot. These fan girls were the best and this video below is a super cherished memory. you gotta watch it!

I saw my old Highschool buddy Teo for the first time in like 7 years in Seoul of all places.

in the height of my fever after almost passing out in the bathroom i board a bus to visit Yoon's doctor uncle only to fall victim to the similar name thing and end up in the furthest corner of South Korea. What a horrible horrible sweaty and feverish day of riding buses. but hey, you can't have the best of 2010 all the time.

party time with marco, norina, ai, and johnny. out of nowhere came these two japanese reggae/samba/carnival dancing girls that took every guy out of the game for a while.

i wore a yukata in 2010.

i carried a mikoshi. its super heavy, you have to bounce it up and down so the huge wooden handles are diggin into your shoulders. and its the summer so its hot as balls. how can the best of 2010 be the worst of 2010 at the same time?

The most fun party i've ever been to in Japan was my illustrator friend Boojil's party. she has tons of artist/photographer/etc friends that are cool. on top of that she had live music friends. there were ukuleles, steel drums, all kinds of percussion instruments. and on top of that her DJ friend played and the end and was spinning old reggae studio one type stuff. awesome.

Marco my best buddy in tokyo was the best of 2010 until he suddenly went back to spain. but before that we climbed mt. fuji. and it sucked. but again the wost being the best and vice versa.

BBQ down by some river. sooo hot.

Random Awa Odori thing happened right next to my house. The smaller event meant higher energy.