Boat Ride With Marco - Posted by BOB

Jason, Marco and I want on this awesome boat ride up the Sumida river in Tokyo and it definitely was a highlight of my Tokyo stay.

This is not the boat that we rode. This boat is just a futuristic looking boat that I wish we rode because it had an upper deck. The boat we rode was just a boat.

Here is a picture of Jason and I just bro-ing it up.

Here is part of the canal and boating system that Tokyo uses. These are huge gates that lead into various parts of the city.

This the Rainbow bridge that Jason ran over. In the background you can see some huge cranes that are either used for construction, but I am guessing that they were just used to get cargo off from boats.

Doesn't that park look awesome. I would love to sit on that grass and read. Look how immaculate those hedges are kept.

Here is another super futuristic boat. I am not sure what they are for, but the future is here and it is in Japan.

This boat ride was an awesome opportunity to see lots of the city and it was just really relaxing.

I have no idea what this is, but it looked extra glamorous in the setting sun.

Raish brother's just lounging. I will point out here that Jason is wearing the shoes that he makes because he destroy his other shoes and I am wearing my socks with sandals that people hate so much.

The coolest thing about this dragon is that this is just a cover for construction that they are doing. In the States they just put up tarps or nothing at all. This is just another little thing that Japan does to keep the city looking nice.

After our boat ride we went to Sensoji and got some fortunes. Here you have to shake a stick out of this metal thing and then you match the symbol with a symbol on the drawers you can see up there.

I got a bad fortune. There is no always getting a nice horoscope everyday like we get in the paper in the states. My says that my "request will not be granted," but at least I will have "employment and marraige". Unfortunately they will be bad.

If you get a bad fortune you are supposed to tie it this in order to leave the bad fortune behind. If you get a good one then you take it with you.

This is a giant Sandal. I do not know it's significance, but it is huge and does not look very comfortable.

This is Sensoji temple in Asakusa. Jason has pictures of me underneath this and on the back side of those statues are a giant pair of sandals. This day was an awesome day. It was relaxing and I got to see so a lot of the city. I highly recommend doing this boat ride if in Tokyo no matter how long you have in the city.