Just Kidding here are some more from the Summer

This summer has seen me trolling the streets of Kyoto, climbing to on the top of Mt. Fuji, gettin' my Matsuri on all over the place, and swizzlin' soju in Seoul. Also i've managed to do some work too. Let's take a look.

for the monthly rules guy column about how to rule a ball that is on an extremely steep incline

cover for the health and science section of the Washington Post. They asked some scientists what their summer reading would be.

for the technolouge column in MotorTrend magazine. there is a new seat belt attatchment that keeps drivers snug in their seat which increases lap times but it was also found that it keeps backseat booster seats snug and safe as well.

for the monthly rules guy column in golf magazine about a guy who had to play a round while balls from other players were coming down around him.

for Emory Magazine in Atlanta. accompanies a story written by one of their alumni who is a comedy writer for television. It says if you're gonna lie, make it a good one. in the story he lies to two old co-workers about his current job situation.