Korea Summer 2010 - Part 2

I met some yonsei buddies. Duks, Hak Min and his Japanese girlfriend Naoko, and other guy who was their senior. and JP from my class in Japan was there too. this place in hong dae had tables with built in refigerated cooling holes for your huge 1000 or 1500 cc beers. The night went on to have me, JP and Yoon taking taxi's around all night light to itaewon, back to hong dae, back to itaewon and everywhere in btwn. I still wasn't 100% over my food poisoning so i couldn't get as super inhiberated as those to. anyway back in hong dae the 2nd time i saw 5 separte instances of people who were about to fight or just about to fight, or holding their respective buddies back from fighting. this included 2 instances involving girl fighters. I have re-learned on this trip the Koreans are huge a$$holes. i know i know, hong dae and itaewon are exceptional and i have been living in japan too long now but still you have to admit people are pretty rude and pretty a$$holey no? also girls like glare other girls down too.

why so serious guy? my old buddy jung eun from yonsei. she was gonna come visit me in tokyo but then had an accident and her back discs got messed up. We met her in some place i can't remember the name of south of the river so it was a pretty nice area.

the nicest sun-dae i've ever had. and that fatty port or watever was super super good.

next we went to sinsadong which is another cool area south of the river. it used to be an artist's street and still is i guess but it became popular now. we met Hye Yeong. she lived in my hasukjip (housing thing run by a family or something like that) near ewha when i stayed there for 2 months back in 2002. the since the hasukjip was near ewha all women's university it was all girls there except for me. i got to live there cuz my friend lived there and she said i was nice so i got to stay. Hye Yeong is a photographer for an agency in Seoul.

sinsadong has tons of cool places like this one she took us to.

their silverware and especial these rice bowls were awesome and heavy and i wanted to steal them.

JP from the class in Tokyo again. poor JP is stuck in Korea again.

if you want to see something disgusting, check this out.

shrimp, octopus, fatty pork, and cheese filled rice cakes, and probably some other stuff.

and lots and lots of red pepper paste.

can everyone stop doing this? it even looks stupid when hot girls do it. there were a bunch of various totally unrelated ads around seoul employing this method

one thing that is really different compared to everywhere else is the management of public work sites. Here they just throw down these industrial blankets over everything so people can walk over crap.

Hae In from my school in Japan. she's stuck back in Korea now too

this chicken from Kyo Chon was the bomb. like most things they added a little sugar to it so its all greasy and slightly sweet and yummy. and i always love how they give you those cold refreshing pickled radish cubes too. and lots of beer.

does she look more like super mario or mickey mouse? we went to play screen golf. you know that high tech room where they project the course on the screen and you hit real balls into with real clubs. this time we got an upgrade and the platform even tilts to match the angle of the hill on the course!

back to the land of super civilization where everything is super clean, everyone is super polite, and everyone super respects each other and doesn't want to fight you all the time. All of which are reasons i love and hate japan at the same time. oh and thats mt. fuji. crazy to think i walked around the top of that guy 2 weeks ago.