Momma Raish in Tokyo - The beginnings

So a week after bob left my mom came to tokyo. Her and my dad came to beijing last year so it's been a year since i've seen her. Papa raish just had surgery on his knee again so he couldn't make it.

There aren't a lot of pictures of stuff because i've been here for 10 months so you readers have already seen lots of the big stuff. This is my 5th time to kyoto. I saw these rice harvest rings all over the place. you're supposed to circle through the thing like the picture shows below.

3 beans to appease watever kami

first time i've seen this.

along the river in kyoto. an awesome spot for a drink

i love poindexter the parking turtles unflappable attitude

Meiji Shine, this is the empress's iris garden.

global warming polar bears in odaiba.

Akari and my mom hanging out. those two.

she took an ikebana class. this is the instructors piece. below is mamma raish's

Debbie, Salish, Fu, and Jennifer got these things made in the shinjuku metropolitan building when they came so this time we got some made for our whole family. Momma had pics on her cam of all of us so we were able to make all 4 collectible figures.

and who would have guessed she would be super into decorating our purikura sticker pictures? she was!