Kyoto Days 1 and 2 with Bob

the Ryokan we stayed at was pretty good, they really catered to the traveler.

the room after we had our way with it.

bob had to wash clothes in the sink cuz he didn't bring enough. They never dried because it rained so here he is blow drying them.

Bob hasn't done any kind of physical exercise since about 2 years ago when he almost died scaling the great wall of china. I mean literally, at a desk for 2 yrs straight. so that is how out of shape he is. his glasses have fogged up from sweating so much.

watch out for monkeys, but we didnt see any

is that little one covering his balls?

whats up with these mirror-like things?

whats up with these straw sandals

bob can't ride a bike for more than 2 minutes without being winded, seriously 2 minutes. He was pretty super tuckered after this 15 minute ride.

then we rode the shortest train ever, 1 car, to the Arashiyama area in western Kyoto

i like this shot.

another example of japanese giant baby men.

I wanted to try the CardioLife product because i've never seen a heart defibrillator vending machine before.

walking around the arashiyama area of kyoto, through the bamboo groves and all of the sudden there is a train station.

geta sandals. there are even crazy ones with one tooth in the middle that guys walk around on.


janice said...

It seems like you have a lot of fun over Kyoto. I've never been in that place before but it seems inviting based on the photos you have provided. I really wish I could visit it someday.

I've been to koh chang China but not Japan so it will be another good experience for sure.

About said...
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Karol said...

Hi! looks like you and bob are having lots of fun! Your new header is creepy. and you should add an rss subscription so i'm reminded to read when you update.