Japan here comes Rob (Bob) - Posted by Bob

I started my trip with a little stop over in Peekskill Lake, NY, a small town north of Westchester, to visit my friends Mallory and Eric. Here is Eric doing yard work and Mallory being Mallory. I was Mallory's "Man of Honor" in her wedding last year.

Here is a view of the lake near Mallory house that I took during a walk where I bored her with talk of string theory and math stuffs. I then made a layover in Westchester for a night and then made my way to the city. I spent the night at Fu's house where I got at least 5 huge mosquito bites. No vacation of mine would be complete if I was not covered in bug bites. I left Fu's place to 2:30am for JFK with almost no sleep. 26 hours later I landed in Japan so tired that I forgot to take any pictures. 2 more hours later I finally made it to my brother's apartment in Tokyo.

So Jason really misses American food so I had to carry all of this crap from America. Most of it is wrapped in plastic wrap so if it explodes in my suitcase it won't get all over all of my clothes. I am glad I wrapped it because everything did exploded because the luggage compartment of the airplane is not pressurized.

This is my first taste of sushi in Japan and I must say that it is much better than what we get in the states. Super Delicious.

This is the view from Jason's apartment.

Jason has class during the week at 1:15-4:30 every day so I will need to find stuff to do on my own. My first day in Tokyo I spent walking around Yoyogi park by myself and found this quaint little pond and patch of grass where I was able to relax and rest my poor feet.

I wandered around Harajuku which is a cool little area south of my brother's school. Since I have been sitting around doing math for the last 2 years I am really out of shape and this morning and afternoon of walking around Tokyo hurt my out of shape legs a lot. It is pretty funny how much I suck. I cannot even walk without hurting myself.

After Jason got out of class we went out with some of his friends and went to Karaoke. One of Jason's former instructors came out with us for a little while. The guy is super friendly and has a lot of energy and there he is singing a Limp Bizkit song. We finally made it home at 4:00am just in time to get 3 hours of sleep before we had to get up and catch a bus to Nagoyo for the next part of my Japan adventure.


Mallory said...

Dear Rob,

Your legs are weak. You do bore people with math. You have a verb tense error in your writing (eg: "...everything did exploded..."). And I am a bit disappointed that you have not even died a little bit yet. This makes for a much less exciting adventure.

I am, however, glad that your chips exploded. This could make for an interesting children's book.

Your sushi looks delectable. I was going to make a comment about sushi and you being Asian, but this IS your brother's blog and I don't know him- so I'll shelve that one for you (if I remember...probably not).

Anyway, I have been reading about brain stuff + teaching, and would like to bore you with that. So,please - only a little death.