Day 1 of Japan Trip - POSTED BY BOB

So after my 26 or so hours of travelling I got to Tokyo and went out to dinner at some famous Tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) place. I was so tired that I forgot my camera so all of these were taken with Jason's camera.

On our way there we saw these firemen training. That little red thing is a mini fire engine. It was pretty funny looking, but when I started thinking about it seems a lot more practical that a huge one. They have the huge fire trucks in Japan too, but these are cheaper and easy to transport and can be used to put out fires.

This is the menu. That is it. They only have ten items and the menu just hangs there.

This is what we got. This is probably my favorite dish so far. It is just a deep fried pork chop with cabbage, but it is oh so good.


This is my all tuckered out from travelling. I slept like a log. It was nice. Jason took this picture of me and I did not even notice him around the room, which is unusual because I am usually such a light sleeper.


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