More Fu

Fu continues his Journey in Tokyo after Debbie, Salih, and Jennifer leave. Lots of fun was had.

spring and warm weather are here! That means lots of this everywhere!

One of the "Black Impact" Cigarette promo girls.

horse racing video game in the arcade

we were walking along with "O-somu" (Awesome), who is Kyo chan's friend and he saw some of his buddies near Shibuya crossing. the guy in the orange jacket kept bowing to Fu progressively lower and lower until he was laying down flat on his stomach on the ground and making a bowing motion. what a joker.

inside Atom in shibuya.

after yet another night at a club, this time it was club "Harlem" it had nothing to do with Harlem thank god. I mean it was hip hop music and a super sh!tty reggae DJ crew that would play the track, stop it and say some crap, play the track and so on for hours so you couldnt even dance. Here is fu looking super happy with Kyo chan, which he should be.

Fu, a very drunk "Johnson" again, and Kyochan

happy trails fu!

next day on the way to one last hanami session Shintaro and Misa spotted me on my bike.

the trees were shedding their petals at a rapid pace so it was snowing petals. It was pretty nice.

shibuya crossing from the window of starbucks

shibuya crossing from the window of starbucks

finally went to tsukiji fish market. if you come here make sure you don't wear shoes with holes in the bottom or you will get serious fish foot. and you probably should'nt wear anything nice because there is a good chance you will get some kind of fishy something on you.

Tsukiji fish market is a crazy busy place. there are scooters, vehicles, and these weird looking transport things zooming around everywhere. you definitely need to keep your wits about you

we ate at Daiwa sushi at 6:30am. they say its the number 2 best place in Tsukiiji. We didnt have to wait an hour like i read online, we didnt have to wait at all. we saw people waiting next door which might have been the #1 place. Anyway it was the best sushi i've ever had. the whole point is to get there early so everything is as fresh as possible. The recommended set was 3500 yen ($38). it included the best uni (sea urchin) that i have ever had.

the tuna auction is closed to the public for a while because foreigners were coming drunk and actin' a fool. you can still see the giant tunas laying around after the auction at the different stalls that bought them.

huge tuna knives.

going at one with an ax.

going at one with a band saw.

huge slabs of tuna

im pretty sure i got a nice swipe of this blood fish water on the back of my pants probably when a knife was being shaken off.

young guy learning the trade.

as per Fu's final request we ate at this place in the Lumine 2 building in shinjuku i think it was. It has an "American West" theme. so that means the menu had to be physically huge and there was lots of cheesy western themed stuff. There were no foreigners in there.

So there is the trip all wrapped up. Hope you had a good time Fu. It's Bob up next in June for a 3 week stay. Get ready bob!