D,S,J,F Tokyo 2010 Days 7 and 8

across the street from my door.

that good ol' sushi place in shibuya. they loved it.

fugu, pufferfish

this crow was crazy or something. it just sat there the whole time kind of weezing and people would walk up the stairs right next to it and it wouldnt fly away

inokashira park in kichijoji. on the other side of this is the ghibli museum, its a nice walk.

discovered this shrine that has the coolest color scheme i have ever seen.

tiny tiny jizo.

whats the deal with this shrine? i've never seen this kind of style.

watch out sleepy eyed, big lipped panda man, your hand and ear are stuck in the door!

the wall of Yabaton (the miso katsu restaurant from Nagoya) in ginza has a model map of the area.

we gotta come here bob, fried pork cutlets with miso sauce abound.

kabuki za theatre. it only had 24 days of existance left as of that day.

went to this place under the tracks near yurakacho

there were pictures of various cats using their toilet!

boat ride up the sumida river. it was 740 yen and took 45 minutes. its a cool way to see that side of town.

futuristic boat.

the golden fart at asakusa, which is where you get off.

ended their trip on a high note at the micro bars in nonbei yokocho in shibuya. we went to "Tight". and yes the space is tight. there is really only room for like 6 people but the bartender said that capacity is 18 people. that means if people are on the stairs too. and at one point there were 12 people in there and 3 of them did have to chill on the stairs. what gives? they must really love that place. and they should it was cool, we met cool people

they spotted this bottle with a snake in it so we all had some of this snake sake.

this guy was pretty crazy, they had fun with him. It was a jolly happy time at this place. These photos dont do justice to how small the place is.

ramen later. this is what you're faced with at most of these machines were you put in money and get a ticket for your order to hand in. there is usually no english so its pretty difficult if you cant read anything.

I don't know how they do this magical soft boiling of the eggs in Japan but its awesome.

So Debbie, Salih, and Jennifer went back to NY the next day and Fu stayed for some more days for some long nights of debauchery. That post is coming next. We jammed a lot into their 8 days. Hong Kong maybe? Happy Trails buddies.