April is Outta Here

I found some more pictures from Debbie, Salih, Jennifer, and Fu's trip.

hey, i mean, the guy was sleepy, what can i say? hahah

they made these picture toy things at the top of the shinjuku metropolitan building.

Nonbei yokocho, the small alleys with the micro bars in shibuya.

Tight, one of the bars there, capacity is 18 the bartender says, currently i think there are 12 people in here. the guy above fu is chilling on the stairs.

you cant really see that well but now i am chillin' on the stairs. its not really safe i guess but that is how you get your 18 people in there.

one of those wooden things that you write your wishes on the back of at shrines, this fox one was so cool so i took it home.

i made it to level 2 japanese class and have some new classmates but mostly the same awesome ones from last time.

next to my house under the bridge there are all these recreation spaces and these bartender guys are always practicing their bottle flipping and Tom Cruises.

crows are super smart.

girls are such animals. get a lil alchohol in em and all they want to do is arm wrestle each other.

i try to walk home different ways, there are lots of nice neighborhoods inbtwn my house and shibuya/ebisu

grossness, i didnt try it yet but i will and will report. probably the report will say that its awesome somehow.

brush art sign in omotesando, i wanna do that too

a better koinobori display hopefully coming after a trip i make on thursday. this is at tokyo tower tonight, the halfway point of my run.