More March

Big level up test day two. the removed the walls btwn the 3 classrooms for some reason. I cannot surmise why they would do this. it just turned the place into a madhouse for no good reason.

a shot of my class

a dedicated mild 7 store in harajuku

is this an escape ladder?

a Yayoi watever her name is store. this old artist lady is famous and has pink hair and is a character herself. see that dog in the background in the left in the case? its 1 of 100 limited edition cell phone things and costs $11,000. (1,000,000 yen). the cube next to it is the same deal.

i wish the door was closed so i could have gotten her other leg in the picture. cool windows

i have to learn how to use these mirrors. they are everywhere because everything is so crowded and tight. it takes some getting used to.

first time ive seen this kind of street art. This can't happen in beijing because of the army of surplus labor that is there to clean it up immediately.

i don't know how the lighting just happened to make this look like a staged photo and a beacon of confectionary delight but it did. these desert crepes are all over harajuku and are like 500 yen and not really worth it but you can't really come to harajuku and not eat one once.

in an hr or so these mugs will be filled with 180 yen beer. I found the sister izakaya of the one that we go to in shinjuku sometimes, and its in harajuku!

Chihiro's artist name is carapapa, which in spanish means potato head. she pointed out this japanese carapapa. dead on.

I love the japanese beer girls. No seriously, i am in love with this woman. she is like the japanese venus of beer. i should steal this poster next time. Consider it done.

after the izakaya we went to Karaoke nomihodai (all you can drink) for 2 hrs. all you can drink except beer was 2,000yen (22$). with beer it is 2500 yen. Our big test was over so i went overboard with the drink, which is especially bad when its all you can drink. i kept drinking whiskeys and they kept making them bigger until there were full glasses of whiskey. and Hashimoto Sensei came. and we cleared the floor to make a dance floor.

an exit of shibuya station that i have never seen.

sushi! oh god do i love it. this was so cheap and pretty decent. Basically was $1,000 ($11) for enough sushi to make you full. Will be back here like every week! anyway im putting my foot down and treating myself better which means eating more sushi, cuz this is like the 3rd time only that i've eaten it this time around in japan.

look at those beauties. Eel, Tuna, Tuna, Bonito, Salmon, etc...

Uptown Cool collections. Hip Hop and Casual wear. Now you don't have to go to Harlem, you can have it all right here in Shibuya.

whats going on down this street.

Love Hotels is what's going on.

scooter shoved in this little corner nook.

bike with fat tires.

Jinja (shrine) on the way to ikejiro Ohashi.

delux scooter with a grown man living out a 13 yr olds dream.

Tokyo is a layered city. this is one of the hugest highway structures i've seen.

ultraman drinks. the lemonade tasted as expected.

another place with an alice in wonderland door.

hair salon

a message i sent marco last night after too many whiskeys. oh man.

i bet on the other side there is an octopus face. If i was a kid i would love this thing. near Ebisu station.

its cheesy but i love the cups that you drink green tea out of at that sushi place so i was happy to see that they were for sale. 525 yen.