Meet March

March is here. and that means there are gonna be even more fun time posts than there were in February if that's at all possible which it is.

the yamanote line. i noticed this the other day. it tells you where the exits are in association with each car so you know which car to sit in if you want to get to the east exit or something. how helpful is that!

anyone? what does this say? my guess is its a BBQ grill under the bench in which case we need to do some BBQ'ing this month.

oh man how awesome is this? there appears to be 2 competing mass child transporting entities in the area next to my school. Only would you want your kids being carted around in a sof supple nylon buggy or a sturdy hard steel pink cage with wheels? Sorry yellow laundry basket buggy child service, if i had little buggers i would want them behind a pink steel cage where its safe and unforgivably hard. Anyway i have to get a pic of when these two organizations crossing the tracks at the same time, which i have seen before, so it's like total of 32 children in carts on the train tracks at the same time. awesome


you can't miss this building, but i turned around and was a little surprised cuz its probably the longest view of it you can get anywhere and its near my school.

the crappiest building in tokyo i've seen near my school with that thing looming in the background

a little crapper in the bicycle parking garage that i am forced to use now since they have taken my bike 2wice

Hashimoto Sensei! wat a crazy goofy funny guy. this is inside the purikura photos sticker booth.

we got Yaejin and JaeHak from our class to come this time.

purikura screen magic

Marco pointed this out as a good shot and i said YEA! and proceeded to snap away until Hashimoto sensei silently slid in front of me with his briefcase and said i shouldnt do that. He was probably thinking i was trying to upskirt shots, which is probably the first probably thing that you think in this country since its such a problem and you see it all the time in the news about guys being arrested for trying to get upskirt shots. I just wanted the hooker stockings (standard issue here) and legs appearing from beneath this photobooth.

BAD BOYS. a japanese sensei and a Spaniard in front of "The Room".

JaeHak, me, Marco, Akari that little bugger from Sapporo and FIT, YaeJin and Hashimoto Sensei. We basically had to drink and hang out from 5pm to 5am for 2 contrasting reasons. reason 1 is because if we didnt hang out immediately after class at 4:30pm everyone would go home and we would never see them again. Reason 2 is because of the G-damn train system here so you have to go home at midnight before you head turns into a pumpkin or wait for the first train at 5am.

i think hashimoto sensei has been practicing some moves at home. he's got quite a repertoire of classic moves such as the cabbage patch and the luckenbar which he is kind of doing here. he has a crazy legs move and a rally the troops move too. You cannont understand how awesome he is until you see the man in action.

i saw this guy and said he looks awesome lets take a pic with him.

and he was happy to do it. all they guys i talk to are all yeah yeah yeah and all the girls i talk to are like.....running away. sighhhh

our group was taking their shoes off left and right. you can do that here because there are no hypodermic needles or broken bottles or AIDs laying around.

DJ booth. they were playing O-some music

after the club a Sukiya. the 3 different sizes of cheese topped gyu don beef bowl. if you add the ranch or watever it is dressing and hot sauce to it you can make a bootleg rice and lamb halal street cart styrofoam take out thing, kind of.

what you get to stare at if you wait for someone at the Harajuku station

Shakey's is a pizza chain here that is apparently from Sacramento. It has been calling me since i came to this country. its greasy siren song has been calling my forever hungry belly day and night. I finally obliged. Akari and I went to the harajuku branch. I bet ol' Shakey is shaking his fist in his grave right now and mumbling something derogatory about the Japanese and the war or something and how they've ruined his franchise. Anyway i'm not the only one to say this but i can't recommend shakey's, at least not the 2100 yen all you can eat deal. the pizza is dry and not good, the pasta is like college boy pasta thats all watery because you're too stupid/poor/incompetent/college boy to drain the pasta properly. Maybe its worth it if you go for lunch when its 1000 yen but still even then with 1000 yen you could eat something better. Unless you're a teenager and can eat 5 pizzas its just not worth it. if you want pizza use your 2100 yen to buy a quality pizza at one of the big pizza places here, preferably a dominos Giga meat pizza or something rediculous like that.

a stroll down the back streets of shibuya aftewards.

Ok so the big test is at the end of this week and then its vacation time for 4 weeks which in that period I plan on going to Okinawa, Hakone, Nikko, and Kamakura. and then Kyoto with deb, sal, fu, and jennifer.